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7 Day Tour in Uttar Pradesh


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7 Day Tour in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh, the largest state of India, is known for its diversity. From flora to fauna, shopping to street food, art to dance, everything is super rich in this state. Thus, making it an extremely good option to explore. It is your one-stop shop to see the real India. Let’s tour this wonderful state by visiting some of it most popular cities.

Day 01 - Noida

Seven Day Tour in UP

As soon as you step your feet in Noida get ready to experience a whole new world altogether. One of the fastest places in India, Noida has it’s own life. People are too busy in themselves. There is no time for anyone to stop. Given that, it is the most happening place of India. Make sure you explore as many happening places as you can in just a day.

Places to Stay

Noida houses some of the finest hotels in India. And if you have good budget then no place in India can provide as class hotels as provided by this city.

Some of the budget places are
  • The Eden (INR 1200)
  • Polo Premier Guest House (INR 1600)
  • Yuvraj Hostel (INR 1500)
Some of the good places are

Ginger Hotel
An excellent hotel, it offers amazing facilities. The butler services, laundry, cleaning, wifi and travel desk everything is just great. You can get one room at INR 3000.

Red Fox Hotel
Again a strongly recommended hotel, this is a place to be. An extravagant piece of property it worth staying at this hotel. You can avail the room facility for about INR 3500.

Places to Visit

The Great India Place
One of the biggest malls in India, the Great India Palace (GIP) is an amazing mall. Featuring almost all foreign brands this place is a must visit. It is indeed a treat to all the shopaholics.

Coming on to the food, it hosts some of the best restaurants of the country. Pick any restaurant and it will be worth your money. From authentic Punjabi to Chinese to Continental, you get almost every cuisine in this mall. Some of the must try joints to eat are:
  • Yo China
  • Pind Balluchi
  • Tandoori Village
  • Colonels Kebabz

The Noida Expressway
One of the finest pieces constructed by man in the present day, Noida Expressway is simply outstanding. A 6-lane Highway, it stretches for about 24.53 kilometers. It is a beauty you should not miss. It connects Noida to a suburb in Delhi.

An extremely beautiful temple, it is just this place where you can get peace in Noida. The intricate architecture and the idols of Shri Krishna is mesmerizing. There is no entry fee for this temple.

Worlds of Wonder
Do you want to have real fun? Do you want to be a child again? Well, Noida offers a great deal for you. WOW: Worlds of Wonder! It is one of the best amusement parks of Noida. The rides are not that cheap but they are worth it. This is an experience you should definitely take. Hope you get your breath back after the exciting rides.

Day 02 - Agra

Places to Visit on Seven Day Tour in UPAfter experiencing the new, energised India, let’s go back to the history and explore the past. Let’s visit the land of Taj Mahal, Agra.

Travelling from Noida to Agra is not a big task at all. Don’t worry! You will get ample buses. Just ask for a bus stand from a localite and you are done. There are kazillions of buses running between the two cities. Once reached, following are the options which you can try to reside into:

Aryan’s Taj Resort
Located at a very convenient place, this hotel is a great deal (provided you get it). You can reach both Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort in just 5 minutes from this hotel. Available at rock bottom prices, the room tariffs start at just INR 1250.

Hotel Love Kush

A great hotel, this is also a good deal. Affordable, comfortable, good staff, amazing services are some of the traits of this hotel. Thus, a must try.

Click Here for 5-Star Hotels in Agra

Places to Visit

Taj Mahal
An epitome of love, Taj Mahal is the seventh wonder of the world. A wonder indeed, this place was constructed by Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor, in the memory of Mumtaz Mahal, his beloved wife. Although the white marble has been tarnished due to acid rains, this place is still worth a visit. Make sure you click enough photographs.

Agra Fort
Made from bricks, this a majestic fort. It is like never ending. Imbibing all the royal feeling within itself, this Fort is a beautiful site which one should not miss when in Agra.


Street food of Agra is again very famous. Try the hot and spicy “Bermi Poori” at the local market. The crispy snack will be a treat for your tongue.

Then comes the famous “Agra ka Petha”. A sweet dish, this is highly recommended for people who have a sweet tooth. You will love it. You can get this from any shop and at a very decent price. It comes in many flavors. Paan Petha is highly recommended.

Day 03 - Meerut

7 Day tour in Uttar Pradesh

Let’s dig deeper into the history and visit another historical town of Uttar Pradesh, Meerut. Travelling from Agra to Meerut is again not a difficult task. There are many trains available. For example, Uttkal Express, Ujjaini Express, Dehradun Express, etc. Each of these trains take about 6 hours to reach Meerut. Once you reach Meerut you can try the following options to stay in:

Country Inn and Suites by Carlson
One of the most popular hotels of Meerut, it is so exotic and extravagant. Quite heavy on pocket, this should only be tried when you have a good budget. Excellent services, amiable staff, personal swimming pool, mini bar, in-house restaurants everything is available in this hotel. Room tariff starts from INR 3000. An expensive bet indeed.

Welcome Olives
A welcoming name, the hotel is equally welcoming. A budget category hotel, this is definitely a good bet. The room tariff starts from INR 1500 and the services are worth this amount. The staff is courteous, the hotel is hygenic and the food is good.

Places to Visit

Kali Paitan Mandir
Located in the military area of Meerut, this temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. This temple is very significant in the history of India. It is said that the the Revolt of 1857 took its shape at this temple. Thus, making it a sight worth seeing.

St. John Church
A human masterpeice, this Church stands firm and high from the colonial period in India. A source of peace and tranquility, you should definitely visit this Church. Read More

Shahpeer ka Makbara
Makbara symbolises a religious place of Sufi saints. This is a place of faith and deep emotions. It is visited by large number of devotees every year. Read More

Shahid Smark and Government Freedom Struggle Museum
If you are into history, then you will fall in love with this place. If you are a true India, you must definitely want to visit this place. It is dedicated to all the martyr of the Great Revolt of 1857.
The compound of the museum is well maintained with plush green lawns. The Gallery displays the major events of 1857 revolt in a chronological order.

Day 04 - Kanpur

Uttar Pradesh 7 day tour

Welcome to the industrial town of Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur. There are innumerable options to travel between Meerut and Kanpur. Some of the trains running between the two are Panchvalley Express, Sangam Express and Uhp Ald Special. The time of the trains varies a lot. While Panchvalley takes just 2 hours the other two take almost 9 hours to complete the journey.

Places to Stay

Hotel Royal Cliff
Situated in close proximity to the Rawatpur Railway Station, this hotel provides you with all the necessary facilities. The amenities provided are really good. The food offered is excellent. A bit heavy on pocket (INR 5000), this hotel is advised if have good budget and want to enjoy classy facilities like a minibar, spa, gym and amazing food.

Little Chef
Again an expensive hotel, Little Chef is an exotic hotel. The services include 24x7 room service, laundry, travel desk, in-house restaurant, a mini bar, library, gym and a spa. You can avail this hotel for about INR 5000.

Places to Visit

Dwarka Dhish Temple
Dwarka Dhish, meaning King of Dwarka is Lord Krishna’s Temple. This temple is quite famous in Kanpur and is often visited by all tourists. It is at its best during the Sravana month when the Swing Festival is celebrated with huge pomp and glory.

Jain Glass Temple
Dedicated to Lord Mahavir and his 23 Tirthankars, this temple is situated behind the famous Kamla Tower. The temple is made up of glass and is known for its delicate and intricated glass work. The floors are made up of marvels and the inside of the temple is beautifully adorned. Read More

Kanpur Memorial Church
Also called, All Soul's Cathedral, it is a historic Church. It was constructed during the British Rule. The Gothic Architecture was a masterpiece of Walter Graville, one of the most popular architect of those times. The church building is mesmerizing and captivating. The bright red bricks just hold your heart beat, thus a must visit. Read More

Looks like Kanpur is a home to almost every religion. To know more about Kanpur Click Here

Day 05 - Jhansi

7 Day Tour in UP

Welcome to the land of Rani Lakshmi Bai, Jhansi. It is around a three hour run from Kanpur and Jhansi. And again you have plenty of trains to choose from. We must appreciate the train connectivity in Uttar Pradesh. Commendable, isn’t it?

Places to Stay

Hotel Ambrosia
Two words are enough to describe this hotel: cheap and best. Extremely affordable at around INR 1000, this hotel offers some really good services and a hospitable staff.

Hotel Shreenath Palace
Again a highly recommended hotel, you can get a room for about INR 1200 at this hotel. The services include 24 x 7 room service, laundry, wifi, coffee maker and fancy toiletries.

Hotel Tulsi
Warm staff, clean rooms, spacious wardrobes and huge bathrooms are some of the features of this hotel. Again a good quality hotel and can be considered as an option. In INR 1600 you can avail the room.

Click Here for Information on Hotels in Jhansi

Jhansi has been closely associated with the Indian Freedom Struggle and, thus, hold an important place in India’s history. Let's explore the city.

Places to Visit

Jhansi Fort
One of the oldest forts in India, it is the major tourist attraction of Jhansi. The fort has 10 gates. The entry fee is a meagre INR 5. Read More

Mahalaxmi Temple
Dedicated to Goddess Mahalaxmi, this temple is illuminated brightly on the occasion of Diwali.

Rani Mahal
Also known as the Queen’s Palace, it was constructed in 1796. Situated in the heart of the city, this is a beautiful palace. Beautiful paintings and mirrors add to its look. It recently got converted into a museum. The timings are morning ten to evening five. Read More

Day 06 - Kaushambi

Welcome to Buddhist pilgrimage centre in Uttar Pradesh, Kaushambi. A run of five hours and thirty minutes, there is no direct train or bus between the two cities. But you can avail taxis at really cheap prices.

Places to Visit

Kaushambi is a very important Buddhist pilgrimage. It is believed it was here where Lord Buddha passed a couple of years after attaining enlightenment. This city was also featured during the episode of the epic Mahabharata and is extremely important archeological site.

Udyan Fort
Discovered during archeological excavations, this is a beautiful human masterpiece.

Ashoka Pillar
Constructed in 232 BC by King Ashoka, this is situated in the Eastern side of the city.

Digambar Jain Temple
One can visit this temple within 6 am and 8 pm only. A splendid site, this temple was constructed in 1834 and then renovated in 1919. The birth town of Padam Prabhu, the sixth Tirthankar of Jains, it’s a picturesque site which should not be missed.

Day 07 - Sonbhadra

Sonbhadra is situated at a distance of 267 kilometers from Kaunshambi. It can be easily accessed via local bus service. It will take you around three hours to reach Sonbhadra.

Places to Stay

Some of the hotels situated in Sonbhadra are
  • Hotel Savera
  • Yadav Hotel
  • Gayetri Hotel
Almost all these hotels are more or less same with pretty good facilities. You can pick any, wherever rooms are available.

Places to Visit

Vijaygarh Fort
Dating back as early as the 5th century, this fort is exquisite. It is so old yet firm. The cave carvings and the rock paintings will simply blow your mind off.

The Naugarh Fort
Again a very old fort, it was built by th Kashi Kings. It recently got converted into a Government Guest House.

Sonbhadra is well-known for its exotic cave paintings. The historic work will simple mesmerize you as you move along the city. The Vindhya Range is again an exotic site to visit.

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