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Shopping in Uttar Pradesh


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Shopping in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh has the distinction of having several historically prominent cities which for ages have been hubs for purchasing all forms of handicrafts and exotic products during the visit to that particular city. These markets have been viable since the Mughal era. The exotic bazaars organized by the Empress Noorjahan have been documented in various histories. During the cool summer evenings it is  considered adventurous, exciting and even fashionable to stroll along these shopping havens and drink in the culture of the place while haggling with the traders and merchants of exotic merchandise.

They often organized the bazaars which would have all kinds of ware of everyday and luxury use. These would tend to range from a wide variety of items that included all kinds of luxury goods like ‘iters’ or perfumes, and clothes of all textures, hues and quality. There were displayed in these markets some of the world’s most exquisite luxury items ranging from soaps and lotions to all kinds of exotic fruits and edibles. Thus, there was a sum total of a large number of goods to be sold to an elite and royal clientele in most of the cities of Uttar Pradesh.

Shopping in UP

Mostly the Mughal women used to live in ‘purdah’ or were habituated to remain behind the scenes yet they had a big hand to play in the markets. It is said that Noorjahan, the Empress herself, was known for her eminent concoctions which she produced herself, especially rose essence. There were also other well known and very popular indigenous fragrances used by the royalty and commoners alike. These fragrances are ‘Khus’, ‘chandan’ or sandal wood and ‘Kewra’. The delicate floral bouquet of all these subtle fragrances is most delicate and lasts for a very longtime. The decor and ambience of these special ladies oriented bazaars or ‘meena bazars’ as they were called was unique and exclusively maintained unlike the common markets elsewhere.

This concept of lady products oriented markets or bazaars has been kept alive to some extent in the major cities of Uttar Pradesh, namely Lucknow, Agra, Allahabad, Vrindavan, Mathura, Varanasi and several others. There is a very large range of luxury products that are on display to be bought by the discerning tourists and those who appreciate the good life and all its trappings. Uttar Pradesh has on offer a large number of handicrafts manufactured by its rural artisans. The tourists always are on the look out for exotic products that have some or the other intrinsic value.

Markets of Lucknow

Lucknow market

Lucknow has been a fashionable centre since the Mughal Era. The old markets of Hazratganj, Aminabad, Janpath and Kapoorthala have a huge variety of products on display and sale. All these are the centres of the rural execute Chikankari work which is basically the main livelihood for the village women residing around the city. The singular, hand-embroidered, delicate materials ranging from soft muslins and chiffons to the hard organdy and cottons which are cherished among the fusionists as well as the world of garments and textiles. This particular form of shadow work or embroidery from the reverse side is renowned the world over as ‘chikan work’ or ‘chikankari’. Basically it is a shadow work where the motifs are all worked on the reverse side while the outline of these very motifs is visible on the obverse side. This embroidery form is typical of Lucknow and its rural areas. It is sold in the prominent Lucknow markets of Chowk, Aminabad and Hazratganj.

Besides the chikankari work, there is a market that exclusively deals only in running material. The Halwasiya Market has on offer hand spun and woven material having holes and other such embellishment which is the other form of Chikankari.

Hazaratganj, being the main market of Lucknow, has burgeoned into an international capital virtually because of the richly embroidered Mughlai motifs on a variety of fabrics to be used for elaborate, formal dress ware as well as for household lines and utility items. The ‘smoking’ frocks are a great favorite among girls almost all over India because of their porous cotton texture that is ideal for the hot and humid summer as well as monsoon months of the country. Cotton-based dress materials form the base of all embroidery work done in the region. This is one market where Hindu, Muslims and Sikhs work in closely cooperative inter-relations providing for harmonious living and thriving cohesion without any conflict situation to threaten them.

The Bhoothnath Market of Lucknow has proven to be is a popular shopping centre for all kinds of street food. It is a busy centre chock-a-block with all kinds of food outlets that serve from snacks to meals of a variety of indigenous food lines e.g. south Indian, Gujrati, Rajsathani, etc.

Markets in Mathura

The holy city of Mathura has attracted pilgrims to its many temples for centuries. It also has the distinction of being a world-renowned supplier of the delicious milk-based sweets, the ‘peda’.  The markets of Mathura have a number of other beautiful offerings for the locals and the tourists. Some of the popular and much-visited market of Mathura are enumerated along with the specialty of their wares. The Chowk Bazar of Mathura is well-known for its silver jewellery as well as variety of milk based sweetmeats. It is a veritable cauldron of aromas and tastes floating up from its many shops of street food like ‘chaat’ or the sweat, spicy savoury favourite of most women, ‘lassi’ or buttermilk and is especially renowned for its almonds and pistachio-rich milk preparations as well as ‘Thandai’ or thickened, spicy, cooled milk. The markets are a great draw for all women whether they be from India or abroad.

Holy gate market located in the heart of Mathura is the main shopping circuit of this ancient town. Located in the vicinity of the prominent landmarks of the holy city like the Dwarkadheesh temple as well as the adjacent Vishram Ghat it has a tremendous footfall. This market is famous for the large variety of collectibles in the form of paintings, sculptures, figurines and images in various media like metal, plastic, marble and fibre work.

There are several shops for purchasing an array of handicrafts skillfully turned out by the women and rural artisans in Mathura and its surrounding villages. These include a wide range of embroidered textiles and garments embellished with silver and gold trimmings.

Some of the specialties of Mathura are the ‘Kesharia Peda’ the most delectable among ‘peda’ varieties available in Mathura. The purest form of clarified butter is probably available only in Mathura and it is also the specialized market for ‘Ashtadhatu’ or amalgamated eight metal images of various Indian deities. These can be found at Holy gate as well as other prominent markets like the Bengali Ghats and the Chatta Bazar markets. Everybody comes here totally satisfied with the shopping experience.

Markets in Allahabad

Allahabad is situated at the glorified ‘Sangam’ or at the confluence of the three holy rivers namely the Ganga, Yamuna and the Saraswati. Allahabad is another old city of Uttar Pradesh that has drawn millions of people periodically for taking a dip. The markets of Allahabad offer up a large variety of interesting items for sale. The Civil Lines market situated just seven kilometers from the joining of the three rivers offers up a large variety of curious to adorn the person and surroundings of the avid shopper. The Civil Lines market as well as the Chowk market are both famous for their amazing variety of jewellery shops. There are also a large number of shops selling niche goods like rosaries, metal ware and other goods used in the temples and prayer halls at home and outside.

For book lovers Allahabad offers up the markets of Vivekanand Marg, MG Marg as well as Civil Lines for picking up a plethora of written words in the worlds of fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi or even devotional. Bookworms can find hours of browsing pleasure at the several old and inviting book shops that have an inviting charm of their own.

The markets of Chowk and Palace Cinema Chouraha have for ages been the repositories of the most exquisite designs in silver jewellary. It is almost as if the designs of ancient times have fused with the modern requirements to bring about a beautiful combination of the delicate ornaments crafted by the artisans of Allahabad.

The Markets of Katra Road, ADA colony as also George Town all offer a fantastic variety of handicrafts in textile, brass, wood as well as antique pieces and rare artifacts along with other utility items of daily use.

Markets in Jhansi

Having links with the military cavalcades of the time even before the British Era there is a marvelous amount of attraction invested in the goods on sale in the markets of Jhansi. Although at one time the Rani of Jhansi had fiercely led the battle for Independence from under British tutelage, the markets of Jhansi have a variety of goods on offer. From handicrafts to utility items a large variety of things can be bought in the markets of Jhansi.

The Super Bazar of Jhansi has some of the most magnificent shops selling bangles, colourful garments and antiques of the royal era. Leather goods and horse flesh are also having their distinctive market in Jhansi.

Markets in Agra

Market in AgraAgra has been declared as a heritage city. The Sadar Bazar is virtually the central market of Agra and is the shoppers delight literally. The people thronging to see the Taj Mahal invariably saunter into the Sadar Bazar to feast their eyes and senses on the marvellous layout of exquisite handcrafted products. Marble seems to be the operational medium of work wherein the artisans offer up boxes, figurines and replicas to the experts who pick up a large variety of gift items ranging from the handy small Taj replicas to huge garden ornaments like the highly ornate large gazebos, ‘jhooles’ or swings and items of favorite. 

Fatehabad road has a huge variety of marble work artisans who have for centuries been doing the inlay work on marble. Semi-precious and precious stones are carefully inlaid in the innumerable artifact made here in the form of jars, boxes, coasters, vases and a variety of others. Sadar Bazar also has on offer a number of beautifully handcrafted rugs and carpets made by the local artisans to be found at Golghar.

There is also the magnificent gold and silver thread work know as ‘zardozi’. In certain areas of Agra and Varanasi there still exist some of the older pockets certain workmen who have for generations employed the secrets handed down since the Mughal era for their handiwork. The bazaars of Golghar, Pilikothi, Godaulia and Chowk, are the shopper’s paradise for picking up select pieces of garments and jewellery fit for royalty.

There markets of Agra offer a huge variety of marble boxes, wall plates and other curios. Most of the marble work is inlaid in precious and semi-precious stone work. The work is mostly in pietra dura, embossing or carving. Many of the marble figurines are chiseled so well that one can see the transparent drape of a garment-like veil or even gown clearly defined. Their live beauty is breath taking! These markets are very popular not only among tourists but also among the local public.

The Kinari bazaar of Agra lies in the shadow of the Agra Fort. These shops of the Kinari Markets are famous for jewellery. It is the one-stop station for wedding materials. Most shoppers throng to these shops during the wedding seasons. They have on offer a large variety of dress materials for prospective brides and grooms. The clothes on offer are exquisitely embroidered veils, cholis, lehengas as well as sherwanis and are reflection of the royal past of the region. The jewellery is also fashioned on Mughal and Hindu lines with a magnificent fusion established between the old and the modern designs.

The Shilpgram of Tajganj, Agra is an open air amphitheatre kind of market that attracts a lot of tourists as it is mainly an outlet that is for the promotion of the handicrafts. The ambience of the market is such that the artisans set up their demonstration stalls in such a manner so as to show the visitors the various mechanisms of making a particular product. This is the reason why this amphitheatre-like market has been given the name Shilpgram or ‘village of the artisan’ literally.

Shopping Markets of Meerut

The Budhana Gate is known for its elaborate street food outlets which offer up an amazing array of snacks, meals and sweetmeats that are liable to send foodies into rhapsodies.

The Shastri Nagar Market of Meerut provides a range of eating joints to suit every palate besides also having bakery goods that suit the high-tea requirements of most homes. Being a cantonment area dating back to the British era, there are a number of shops having a distinctive old-world charm associated with such areas. Among the markets, namely the Begamphul market, there is on display a large array of showrooms selling garments and jewellery. The Central market is a haven for purchasing bags of leather, coats and other leather ware like toys. It is a fashionable market for readymade garments. Similarly, the Lal Kurti Market is another throwback to the Bristish Cantonment era and has a number of shops selling leather goods that are much sought after by visitors, tourists and even local population.

The Kesar Ganj and Ghanta Ghar market stock electronic goods and all kinds of wares for comfort living for the locals. There are shops that sell high-end watches, mobiles and even music systems. Similar single variety goods markets are the Soti Ganj Market that has everything to do with car accessories, spares and repairs for four wheelers and two wheelers which are most common in this market. The P.C Sharma Road Market is well-known for its wide variety of computers and peripherals.

The most amazing of all markets of Meerut and one that holds special attraction for children is the Lalla Ka Bazar. This market has shops upon shops offering a mind boggling variety that would lure children. There is even a kids lottery which is highly popular. The Sadar Bazar of Meerut is most sought after as a wholesale market for spices, jewellery, ladies footwear, leather bags and other goods, cosmetics and general merchandise. It is the most commonly visited markets by the locals and visitors to Meerut in the hope of genuine quality products at pocket-friendly rates.

Another one of the most sought-after markets of Meerut is the Valley Bazar which is famous for its innumerably fragrant shops stocked to the rafters with ‘iters’, aromatic oil, incense sticks, perfumes and deodorants besides a number of other aromatic products.

Markets of Aligarh

Markets in Aligarh

The main market of Aligarh is called the Manik Chowk. Almost all the trading of the city takes place here. Both wholesale and retail marketing is done at many of the outlets here. Manik Chowk, however, is renowned for its large variety of traditional Indian dress ware for the males i.e. the Kurta Pyjama. There is a large variety of cloth materials as also designs to pick from. Thus, one can have a great choice picking a set for themselves. The striking feature of the market is the resplendent burst of colour visible at first sight. There are colourful clothes on offer, colourful utensils and jewellery displays, besides, there is also the huge variety of precious and semi-precious stones that sparkle and glitter in their aesthetic displays across the length and breadth of the market.

There is also a very large variety of locks of all sizes and construction on display and for sale at the Manik Market. Aligarh has been renowned for long for its many trick locks and fastenings. The markets of Aligarh are renowned for their immense variety of Jamalpur locks, found at Jamlapur Market besides also being sold in Mahavir Ganj, Halwari Khana and centre point Market. The world famous ‘Chinese locks’ are also manufactured and sold in these Aligarh markets.

Shopping Markets of Varanasi

Among the prominent religious cities of Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi is among the most ancient and most visited as a pilgrimage. The markets of Varanasi are thriving centres of commerce. The Godolia market is the most prominent centre for the trading in sales of and purchase in the world renowned exquisitely woven Banarsi silk sarees, shawls and stoles. These sarees are virtually a ‘must have’ in every trousseau. Normally the Banarsi saree is most often the wedding sarees.

Besides the Godolia market there is the nearby Vishwanath Gali where the avid shoppers can feast their senses on some of the most beautiful items to be purchased. There are items to offer prayers like ‘pooja thali’, ornate incense holders, elaborately decorative typically Rajasthani, Bengali or Gujrati lac bangles. There is a wide variety of gifts, knick knacks and curios to be had here. There is a fantastic range of delightful souvenirs. The Banarsi woven stoles and scarves are a large part of the purchases made in these markets by both Indians and international travelers.

In Varanasi there is a huge variety of fabulous products that have held several generations spellbound. These products are carpets crafted from silken tassels as well as floor and bed rugs called durris woven with imaginative motifs.

Markets of Rampur

Market in Rampur

This city of Uttar Pradesh has attained notoriety for its single, efficient, affective product- the folding knife or the ‘Rampuri’. It is a favoured tool with most miscreants aiming at making a quick buck. The Chaku Bazar of Rampur is the central market for the purchase of any form and size of knife. Apart from being high utility these knives are also a symbol of the culture of this cozy town. Most tourists carry away these knives as a souvenir of their visit to this sung little town of Uttar Pradesh.  

Markets of Kanpur

Called the ‘Manchester of the East’ Kanpur has had the distinction of being a city manufacturing multiple goods with the most common ones being the leather goods sold in the markets like Bada Chauraha, Naveen Market, PPN Market and the Birhana road market. All forms of leather goods are visible at these markets from footwear for ladies and gents as well as bags belts, wallets jackets and other accessories. The salasar market has been aptly dubbed the fashion plate of the city. While these clothes may be slightly high end the Gumti Number Five market, the Naveen Market as also the P. Road market are the best place to buy clothes.

The Sisamau market is a major attraction for women especially because it is one of the main hubs of jewellery. The jewellery designs have been picked up with great alacrity by shoppers here especially because they are in both silver and gold. The designs are a clever mix of the old and the new.

Lastly, the Khalasi lines are a popular area for the purchase of handicrafts. There is a huge variety of products available here. These are mostly office accessories like envelopes, writing pads, photo albums, file covers, documents holders, seminar bags, writing pads etc. all these are tastefully made of leather or handmade paper and even colourful cloth backing.

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Shopping Markets of Vrindavan

The haloed grounds of Lord Krishna’s birthplace have been lovingly visited by the millions of those who throng to the several temples of the Lord on an everyday basis as well as during special occasions and festivals like Holi and Janamashtami. After paying absences to the Supreme Deity there is ample time to walk around the bazaars and pick up several little souvenirs and curios as gifts for those at home.

Loi Bazar is one of the most exotic bazaars of Vrindavan. It has on offer a number of such items like brass and bronze idols, figures made of marble and wood as also silver and other materials. Lord Krishna is the reigning theme for all motifs. Elaborate embroideries with the prominent peacock feather of Lord Krishna are seen in several shops. The tasteful décor and the several quaint little shops leading away from the main bazaar- all have a special attraction for the devotees and tourists. There are several items of jewellery with the recurrent motif of the life of Lord Krishna his life and lifestyle can be seen throughout the markets and is aesthetically displayed at these shops. 

Markets in Muzzaffarnagar 

The oldest and most popular of this thriving town is Choudhary Lala Singh Market which is the main fashion street of the city. The most thriving markets of Muzzaffarnagar are New Mandi, Saga Market, Agarwal Market, Gole Market, Sadar Market, City Centre market as well as the SD College market.

These markets have up and coming facilities like gyms, spa and beauty parlours. There are on offer all forms of services and products. Footware and leather goods besides apparel of all sorts can be bought in these markets. This market is also the main hub for several fashion accessories.

The central market of Shahganj is highly represented with almost all types of financial institutes like banks. Some parts are devoted to garments and embroidered goods.

One part of the market an Krishna Road is devoted to the making of rubber stamps.

Markets of Moradabad

Moradabad has since long been the house of Brass, Copper and Bronze utensils and artifacts. The central market for obtaining these beautiful artifacts is the Peetal mandi. From miniature figures to larger than life busts and status of historical and mythological figures can be had at this amazing market. One goes with wide eyes and open mouthed with wonder as one travels through various parts of the Peetal Mandi or Brass market.

Market of Firozabad

The intricate glassware comprising elaborate multi-piece chandeliers in glass and crystal are the hall mark of Firozabad have adorned the majestic palaces of kings and sovereigns of India and the British for centuries.

It is virtually the house of the glass industry. Glassware units dot both sides of the highway and produce some of the most colourful and ornate glass bangles to huge chandeliers as well as utility items like. Jug and tumbler sets, dinner sets, Lighting products, flasks, heating tubes, round bottomed flasks etc- all these are popular all over the world and definitely in the higher economic group houses. The Firozabad glassware has for centuries adorned the homes of people in India and abroad.

Markets of Khurja

The much celebrated Khurja pottery with its natural environmental designs is a great favourite with all those who visit the place. The popular markets of Kurja are the Bindwala Chowk as well as Tareeman. The earthenware pottery utensils are used by most people for sipping their tea or milk from them. Other popular markets are the Sabzi Mandi, Anaj Mandi and the Moodha- Kheda. The Jewar Adda Market is famous for its silver jewellery while the Bazaza Bazar is the town’s largest cloth market.

Some of the newer markets of Khurja are the cyber centre located in the Cyber Market in the Sri Ram Complex. It has over a score cyber cafes to attend to the cyber needs of the city. Thus, the beautifully printed khurja pottery has made inroads into millions of homes because of its aesthetic appeal and immense usefulness.

Markets of Bareilly

The markets of Bareilly are much favoured for a number of items. There is a large demand for the leather products as well as the wrought iron products available in the Central Market at Bareilly. There is also the large attraction of wholesale provisions and species presented for sale in the Sadar Bazar.

Night Markets for Handicrafts in Uttar Pradesh

Night Markets in Uttar Pradesh for Handicrafts

The singular, hand-embroidered, delicate materials ranging from soft muslins and chiffons to the organdy and cottons which are cherished among the fashionistas as well as the world of garments and textiles. It is renowned the world over as ‘chikan work’ or ‘chikankari’. It is sold at the night markets of the Chowk, Aminabad and Hazratganj areas of Lucknow.

Then there is also the magnificent gold and silver thread work known as ‘zardozi’ which is another contribution of the rich Mughal culture. In certain areas of Agra and Varanasi there still exist in some of the older pockets inhabited by workmen who have for generations employed the secrets handed down since the Mughal era for their handiwork. The shopping centres of Golghar, Pilikothi, Godaulia and Chowk, are a shopper’s paradise for picking up select pieces of garments and jewellery fit for royalty. 

The handicrafts intensive markets of Agra offer a huge variety of marble boxes, wall plates and other curios made in the pristine materials. Most of the marble work is inlaid in precious and semi-precious stone work. The work is mostly in pietra dura, embossing or carving. Many of the marble figurines are chiseled so well that one can see the transparent drape of a garment like a veil or even a gown clearly defined. Their life beauty is breathtaking! The shopping experience in these bazaars is very popular not only among tourists but also among the local public.

There are a number of other shopping intensive markets besides Agra in Uttar Pradesh. These are in cities like Varanasi and Allahabad along with several others. There is a huge variety of fabulous products that have held several generations of shoppers spellbound. These products include carpets crafted from silken tassels as well as floor and bed rugs called durris woven with imaginative motifs. One can shop for handcrafted musical instruments as collector items in the form of wind, percussion and string. The markets of Aligarh are renowned for their large variety of locks that can be found at Jamalpur market, Shahbad market, Mahavir Ganj, Halwai Khana and even Centre Point market.

15 Best Shopping Malls in Uttar Pradesh

Cities in Uttar Pradesh have many nice and famous shopping malls which provide shoppers a wide range of options for both national and international shopping brands all under one roof. The state of Uttar Pradesh experience tourists from all over the world and country due to the historical and spiritual significance of its cities and malls cater to all kinds of audiences and their vivid preferences. Catering mostly to the urban sector of the cities, these malls also mark a sign of development in Uttar Pradesh due to the presence of international outlets. Following is the list of some popular shopping malls in Uttar Pradesh.

The Great India Place in Noida

Best Shopping Mall in Uttar Pradesh.

The Great India Place is the largest operational mall in India situated in Sector 38-A, Noida. The mall is spread over an area of 147 acres of land and has an approximate retail space of about 1.5 million sq feet. The mall’s interior is set in a dream palace theme, and has a unique ambience. The mall has 8 anchor stores and houses approximately 230 leading national and international brands all under one roof where shoppers just cannot resist indulging themselves. Rated as no. 1 in terms of footfalls, the mall offers variety of options for shopping, entertainment, dining and lifestyle. The mall provides services such as ATM, first-aid, ambulance, foreign exchange, handicap assistance, in-mall mini train service, taxi and announcements on request. Developed by Unitech Group, the mall houses brands such as Globus, Big Bazaar, Woodland, Adidas, Pantaloon, multiplex by Big Cinemas to name just a few.

Vinayak City Centre in Allahabad

Vinayak City Centre is a world class arena located in Civil Line on Sardar Patel Marg in Allahabad. The mall has emerged as an upcoming spot in the fast developing city of Allahabad. In the crowded city which is known for its immense traffic and magnificent bridges, the mall has emerged as a hot spot housing a multiplex, shopping arena, pubs, restaurants, food court, Cinemas by PVR and a stage to host in-mall events. Vinayak city centre acts as a one-stop destination for leisure, fun, shopping and entertainment. The mega mall features the following for shopping such as fashion boutiques, jewellery shops, life style products shops, hyper market, departmental stores etc. The mall hosts a big and clean food court for an amazing dining experience along with ice cream parlors and specialty restaurants. The mall is centrally air conditioned and comes with high speed capsule elevators. The mall is equipped with modern fire fighting systems along with high class modern security system. The mall is an ultimate destination to hang out with family and friends.

Z Square Mall in Kanpur

Z Square Mall is located on the M.G. Road in Kanpur. The mall was opened for public in 2010 and since then has been serving as a one stop as an outing destination with friends or family with more than 100 exclusive brand outlets. The Z Square Shopping mall caters to all your needs be it shopping, entertainment or dining. The mall is built in an area of 5 acres and is strategically located at the heart of the Kanpur City making it easily accessible. The stores in the malls are open from 11:00 am to 9:30 pm on weekdays (Monday-Friday) and 11:00 am to 10:00pm during weekends and holidays. The mall hours for food court are from 11:00am to 10:00pm on weekdays while the same is open from 11:00 am -10:30 pm on weekends and holidays. Designed by M/S Hafeez Contractor, it is the first mall in India to have Atrium space frame of more than 90,000 sq. ft. The mall is fully Wi-Fi, has 18 escalators, 9 lifts and spacious 3 levels parking which can accommodate approx. 800 cars and 1500 two wheelers at one time. The mall has all national and international brands under one roof such as lifestyle, arrow, Van Heusen, KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut and many more. This mall has a 4 screen multiplex, variety of shops and a food court to keep you hooked during your outing here.

Fun Republic in Lucknow

The Fun Republic shopping mall is situated in Gomti Nagar area of Lucknow which was built by the Zee Group and was opened for public in 2007. The city of Nawabs welcomed this mall with great zeal and soon the mall became as one of the hottest hangout spots amongst the locals and tourists. The mall is located just a kilometer away from the River Gomti and the area is a fast growing one making it an ideal spot for the mall. The mall is built with spacious and impressive architecture and has a spacious parking space for approximately 550 cars at one time. The mall is popular for its 60-room boutique hotel which is spread across 4 floors of the mall. A one-stop mall which houses outlets ranging from food, clothes and accessories to books and gift item, furnishing and home accessories, electronics, footwear, Fun Cinemas multiplex, fun gaming zone, mobiles, watches and so on. Some of the few brands that you’ll find inside the mall are Shopper’s stop, McDonoalds, Spencer’s, Pepe Jeans, and Wills Lifestyle etc. Although the mall receives more footfalls over the weekend, you’ll still find satisfactory buzz during the weekdays as well.

The Opulent in Ghaziabad

The Opulent mall is located at the heart of the City on GT Road in Ghaziabad. The mall is known as a lifestyle and leisure destination which was opened for public in 2010. The mall's architecture and spacious retail space together makes for Ghaziabad’s most stunning shopping and hangout destination for customers. The mall is spread in the area of 1,45,000 sq ft and is a single destination entertainment point in the city. The mall houses a huge Food Court by the name of Food Mantra, 5D Cinemas, Multiplex by PVR and a variety of national and international branded shops. The mall has an organized parking space with more than approximately 500 car parking space at one time. The mall is centrally air conditioned and has a dedicated and efficient security system. The mall has outlets like KFC, McDonald, Reliance Footprint and many more. Step in for a one stop destination for all your shopping and entertainment needs in Ghaziabad. The mall is open all days in the week and is the general working hours are from 11:00am till 10:00pm.

Rave 3 in Kanpur

The Rave 3 Mall located at Block No.6, Parvati Bagla Road in Kanpur is built by two leading businesses of Kanpur The Jagran Group and the Kothari Group. The mall is built keeping in view the international standards and is commercially operational since 2002. 50% of the mall area is occupied by National and international brands, making it a premium shopping spot in the city. The mall houses various dining options such as Antarang, Banyan Tree, Dominoes, Mcdonalds, Nescafe to name a few. The shopping Arcade comprises of brands such as Pantaloons, Red Tape, Nike and so on. The mall has a Banquet Hall by the name of Ulhaas and a night club called The Felix. The mall houses 3 movie theatres by Adlabs. The mall is quite big and has a spacious parking.

East Delhi Mall in Ghaziabad

East Delhi Mall is popularly known as E.D.M Mall and is one of the biggest mall in Delhi NCR and is located at Plot No. 1, Ghazipur Road, Kaushambi, Chaudhary Charan Singh Marg. The mall is spread over an area of 4 acres and the Delhi-Ghaziabad border location serves a prime factor. The mall houses over 70 Indian and international brands under one roof. Since its operation in 2007 the mall has served as a great shopping and entertainment destination for the residents around the area. The mall houses a leading chain of business hotel – Lemon Tree along with a banquet from 4th to 6th floor. East Delhi Mall offers a host of amenities such as handicap assistance, open and covered parking, ATM, ambulance, First Aid, Wi-Fi connectivity, Kids play area, money exchange, food court, pub/disc etc. The mall houses PVR cinemas, 5D cinemas and a wide range of shopping options.

Shipra Mall in Ghaziabad

The Shipra Group launched its mall in NCR spread over an area of 4.5 lakh sq. ft. of total area. The mall is a unique blend of shopping, dining and entertainment options located at Plot No. 9, Vaibhav Khand, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. The mall houses over 125 national and international brands for shopping, state of the art 3 screen multiplex, food court, and an amphitheatre. The mall parking is spacious and big and can host about 1000 cars at one time. The mall is in classical roman style architecture and huge infrastructure promises world class Mall experience. The mall attracts a large number of footfalls and is strategically located at the junction of Ghaziabad, Noida and Delhi. The Mall provides services such as ATM, baggage counter, doctor on call, lost and found, travel desk and lots more. Click Here to Read More about Shipra Mall in Ghaziabad

The Pacific Mall in Mathura

The Pacific mall is constructed by Pacific India with top notch standards and basic amenities. The mall is spacious, beautiful and magnificent and is located at plot no. C1/B, Opposite Mathura Refinery, Industrial Area, Mathura. The mall houses two floors and 30 outlets and provides for a premium hangout and shopping spot in the city of Mathura. The Anchor store in the mall is occupied by Big Bazaar and the three screens multiplex is owned by Big Cinemas. The Mall provides with variety of dining option through its food court. The mall has an open and spacious parking space with a capacity of approximately 100 cars and 300 two wheelers.

Wave Mall in Noida

The Wave Mall is situated in the prime commercial zone of Noida and offers variety of leisure, dining and entertainment options. The Mall houses more than 20 retail outlets and 18 food joints enhancing your mall experience. The Mall accommodates other premium options for fashion, SPA, beauty, restaurants, nightclubs and more. Some of the restaurant brands include Haldirams, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Barista, Cocoberry etc. Apart from serving customers with entertainment needs, the Wave Mall also provides services such as ample parking space with two level parking and valet parking which is under strict security assistance and CCTV monitoring. The mall has 14 escalators, 2 capsule elevators and is also equipped with modern firefighting systems. The 5 screen multiplex that offers world class auditoriums by Wave Cinemas offer unique features and qualities. The mall offers commendable hospitality and services.

TDI Mall in Agra

TDI Mall is one of the longest and biggest mall in Agra built in an area of approx. 1,20,000 sq. ft. The mall is conveniently located at the junction of Fatehabad Road and Taj Mahal Road. The mall is centrally air conditioned with 100% power back up. The Mall is equipped with adequate fire fighting systems and ultra modern sanitized rest rooms. The interiors of the mall features Marble flooring and tasteful POP work on ceilings and walls. The mall serves as an ideal shopping, leisure and entertainment destination for all foreign and national tourists visiting Taj Mahal. The mall house exclusive retail outlets, state of the art multiplexes and multi cuisine restaurants. The featured brands of the Mall include Adidas, Cantabil, Meena Bazaar, Levi’s, Numero Uno, Pepe Jeans, McDonalds etc.

Amrapali Mall in Raebareli

The Amrapali Mall is the first and only mall of Raebareli located on main Highway connecting to Lucknow. The mall is situated at a 10 minutes drive from nearby railway station, the bus stand and offers a convenient shopping and leisure spot for the residential colony of Lohia Vihar close to the Mall. The establishment is a four-story construction which houses brands that offer entertainment, recreation, food and shopping. The mall offers best food court of Bareilly, entertainment gaming zone, central air conditioning, 24 hours security, fire protection system and ample parking space for more than 1500 cars at one time. The mall is occupied by brands like Bridge Express, Star World Cinemas, Levi’s, Store 99, Mufti etc.

Spice World Mall in Noida

Spice World is a commercial world class Mall situated in I-2, Sector-25A, Noida and is just a few minutes’ drive from the DND flyway and Noida link road. The mall is promoted by a multi faceted global management group called MCORPGLOBAL which is a known name in the lifestyle industry. The mall provides international standards of ambience, shopping and leisure activities. The mall is home to a pool of top notch retail brands, Multiplex by Spice Cinemas and dining options. The Mall is centrally air conditioned, has a 100% power back up, equipped with electronic security and automated fire fighting systems. The mall provides intelligent and spacious parking ad special facilities for physically challenged. The smartly planned mall supports a complete fun package all under one roof.

Ashok Cosmos Mall in Agra

The Ashok Cosmos Mall in Agra is spread over a space of 3.5 lakh sq. ft located at 119/8-120/8, Sanjay Palace, Civil Lines, Agra. The mall has a shopping zone, fabulous entertainment arcade, 3 screen multiplex, food court, convention centre with banquet facilities and a dedicated floor on Indian arts and crafts. Located in the commercial hub of Agra, the Mall’s structure is intelligently designed and is earthquake resistant. The mall is centrally air conditioned, has 100% power back-up, and comes installed with electronic security and ultra modern elevators. The mall has a double level basement parking which can host up to approx. 250 cars at one time. Ashok Cosmos Mall provides a promising experience for both shoppers and retailers under one roof.

SAB Mall Noida

SAB Mall is a world class shopping venue with every amenity which is strategically located in the heart of Noida at Sector 27, Uttar Pradesh. The Mall has a retail mix both national and international brands under one roof that makes the shopping trip and enjoyable experience. The Mall hosts a roof top restaurant as a highlight and over 340 shops from designer clothing to electrical appliances, jewellery to exquisite perfumes. The mega food court caters to every taste bud with wide range of dining options and seating capacity of over 700 people at one time. The Malls has ample parking space which is aided by electronic and manned security systems. The Mall provides an overall experience with beautifully landscaped open terrace and perfect ambience.

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